1 EC9 Workflow Engine Form API

1 Description

All interfaces are encapsulated in a global object window.WfForm

Some interfaces have scope of use, minimum KB version and whether the mobile / PC end is unique. General purpose without special indication

Form field related operations, do not recommend the use of jQuery, prohibit native JS direct operation DOM structure

We recommend to use ECOA 9.0 API interface, unified operation and maintenance by the product R&D team, at the same time, only API could complete compatible mobile terminals

2 Mobile compatible

WfForm object interface, compatible with new mobile EM7

Since the API interface has been unified on the PC side and the mobile side, in order to reduce the development workload and later maintenance costs;

Therefore EM7 the form no longer introduces workflow_base table custompage4emoble columns as custom pages in mobile terminals, and directly introduces custompage columns (consistent with PC templates) as custom pages

Front end (JS method) distinguishing terminal:

WfForm.isMobile() could be used to check whether is mobile

var isMobile =WfForm.isMobile(); 
//true means eMobile、 WeChat, Dingtalk and other mobile device, false means PC

Backend requests (custom pages, etc.) detemien terminals:

boolean isMobile = "true".equals(request.getParameter("_ec_ismobile "); 
//true means eMobile、 WeChat, Dingtalk and other mobile device, false means PC

3 Front-end Development

Mode 1: code blocks in each layout template, individually configured on display/print/mobile templates for individual nodes

Mode 2: workflow_base table custompage, for all nodes in the current workflow, display and print and mobile Note that the process may have values if associated with budgets, attendance, vehicles, etc.

Mode 3: Workflow management->Application settings->Process Form User-defined Page for all non-template scenarios (PC and movement). Note that this page is global custompage, avoid writing global functions such as ready、checkCustomize, and define only some function bodies

Special note: For Mode 2, Mode 3, prohibits use init_wev8.js.;

When the configuration does not take effect, please write the code block / custompage only alert confirmation method to check whether it takes effect, and then debug the cause of the error step by step.

4 PC way to open the form

New request: System will be automatically retrieve the active workflow version base on the workflow id


View request: User must have this request view permission, the primary and secondary account acccount must be in link. The parameter is request ID


Mobile form link

// New link, the workflow id
var createUrl = "spa/workflow/forwardMobileForm.html?/ iscreate=1& workflowidiscreate=747";
// View links,  Request id
var viewUrl = "spa/workflow/forwardMobileForm.html?/ requestid=4503066";

First method (recommended): Call the package method If the module is packaged with mobile framework, it can be called directly When it's a self-developed interface, you need to call /spa/coms/openLink.js Minimum support system version: KB900190601 openLink.openWorkflow (url, callbackFun, returnUrl)

ParametersParameter typeRemarks



Links to open forms



EM client only, callback function when returned



EM client, return/submit to specified link

window.openLink.openWorkflow (createUrl,function(){
 alert ("E-mobile opens the form link and triggers this callback function after return/submit");
// Non-EM open, return/submit then back to the process center

Second Method: EM client only, open the form and control the return/submission event callback Use of EM-SDK, call webview to realize

// Two steps, first call SDK webview, thenn call SDK control callback refresh
window.em.openLink ({
window.em.ready (function(){
 window.em.registerBroadcast ({
 action:function (argument){
 alert ("E-mobile opens the form link and triggers this callback function after return/submit");

Third Method: window.open/window.location.href redirect This way url you need to pass parameters returnUrl and transcode to specify the return/submit address. If it is EM client to use mode one or mode two!

window.open (viewUrl +"& returnUrl="+window.encodeURIComponent "/test.jsp?param1=test11&param2=test22"));

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